We are a group of LED fanatics. We care to provide lighting of the highest standards.

First and foremost, we are a people, of like-minded individuals that strive for expertise in everything that we take part in. Just like you, we work hard for our finances and do not wish to see it wasted, but rather see it’s exponential use. Whether you need to speak to us one-on-one or require a quick breakdown, we cater to your unique and individual needs, happily.

We built our company on the back of hardworking individuals that wish to constantly grow while keeping our values consistent; helping people help the environment, affordably.


Our time is carefully spent in selecting, testing, and presenting LED lights which we believe in. Our lighting experience dates to 15 years ago, where many of our team members worked in lighting locally.

Kastor Energy is committed to delivering the best and brightest LED lights in the industry. Throughout the evolution of our business, we continue to strive for excellence with our products and services. With a select line of LED lights which range ceiling lights to street lights, we’re able to support and supply the commercial, residential, and light-industrial sectors. As we have grown, our customer-first mentality has not changed. We will continue the transparency of information on our site with our clients through all forms of communication whether it is newsletters, live chat, or more.

We know how boring and exhausting shopping for lighting can be but we want to make it fun, easy, and cost effective for you. We are not here to charge ridiculous prices or make you look through long and detailed specification sheets for product information. All we want is for you to enjoy quality LED lighting, it’s a step in the right direction.

The best way would be to either contact us through live chat or create an account so that any concerns about your order or purchases can be solved through our personalized online support system.

We understand lighting is great to view in person, but we guarantee that our online shop is no less than a retail store. We have all the photos, specifications, and support readily available so that all your questions can be answered easily. If not we are just a click away to help!